La pensione tradita

Tutti i dipendenti del settore privato devono prendere una decisione difficile: dire addio per sempre alla liquidazione? Per 11 milioni di lavoratori la prima scadenza è il 30 giugno 2007 e chi la lascia passare senza dire nulla perde comunque il TFR. Dovrà inoltre compiere la medesima scelta ogni nuovo assunto. Sindacalisti, politici, economisti, giornalisti consigliano in massa di abbandonare il TFR e scegliere la previdenza integr...

South African Social Attitudes

Aiming to monitor the evolving dynamics of South African public values, this updated edition clearly depicts their relation to broader societal developments. Based primarily on the findings of the recent South African Social Attitudes Survey (SASAS), this study takes into account more than 5,000 individuals, detailing views on racial-transformation policy, poverty, religion, crime, and the environment. Providing a clear chronicle of ...

A Global History of Child Death

Drawing from primary research studies in archaeology, historical analysis, literature, and art this interdisciplinary look at the history of child funerary practices and other vehicles of parental mourning is the only book of its kind. The purpose of this work is to investigate the ways in which funerary behaviors and grieving differ between cultures and across time; from prehistory to modern history. Philippe Aries, the French child...

"I primi cento giorni di Prodi: Un governo contro l'Italia"

This is book 3 in the I.N.E.T. series and can be read as a stand alone novel. This book contains M/M sexual situations and is intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside. Please store your adult literature responsibly. This book also contains references to sexual abuse. If this is a trigger for you, please do not read. David Payne only worked with his Irish teammate for three months before he went under cove...

Kosovo and the Challenge of Humanitarian Intervention

The Kosovo conflict has the potential to redraw the landscape of international politics, with significant ramifications for the UN, major powers, regional organizations, and the way in which we understand and interpret world politics. This book offers interpretations of the Kosovo crisis from numerous perspectives: the conflict-parties, NATO allies, the immediate region surrounding the conflict, and further afield. Country perspectiv...

The Joy of Not Working

Ernie Zelinski could change your view of the world forever. He has taught more than 300,000 people what The Joy of Not Working is about: learning to live every part of their lives - work and play, employment, and retirement alike - to the fullest. In this completely revised and expanded edition, you  too can join the thousands of converts and learn how to thrive at both work and play. Illustrated with eye-opening exercises, thought-p...

Between Two Motherlands

In 1900, some 100,000 people living in Bulgaria―2 percent of the country's population―could be described as Greek, whether by nationality, language, or religion. The complex identities of the population―proud heirs of ancient Hellenic colonists, loyal citizens of their Bulgarian homeland, members of a wider Greek diasporic community, devout followers of the Orthodox Patriarchate in Istanbul, and reluctant supporters of the Greek gove...

Great Powers and Geopolitical Change

In an era of high technology and instant communication, the role of geography in the formation of strategy and politics in international relations can be undervalued. But the mountains of Afghanistan and the scorching sand storms of Iraq have provided stark reminders that geographical rea`lities continue to have a profound impact on the success of military campaigns. Here, political scientist Jakub J. Grygiel brings to light the impo...

The Perspective of the World

Volume III investigates what Braudel terms "world-economies"—the economic dominance of a particular city at different periods of history, from Venice to Amsterdam, London, New York.

Maßregelvollzugsrecht: Kommentar

With the newly revised 3rd edition, this standard work on measures of enforcement law has been brought up to date. The commentary deals in depth with such topics as voluntary and compulsory treatment, rate of incarceration, the loosening and guaranteeing of constitutional civil rights and admissible infringement as well as the carrying through and limits of measures for law and order.