Urban China: Toward Efficient, Inclusive, And Sustainable Urbanization

In the last 30 years, China’s record economic growth lifted half a billion people out of poverty, with rapid urbanization providing abundant labor, cheap land, and good infrastructure. While China has avoided some of the common ills of urbanization, strains are showing as inefficient land development leads to urban sprawl and ghost towns, pollution threatens people’s health, and farmland and water resources are becoming scarce. With ...

Value Analysis and Engineering Reengineered

Thought leader Abate Kassa finds the U.S. government’s arbitrary cost-cutting directives of austerity measures or sequestration as a perfect example of moving in the wrong direction. Their system follows rule-sense rather than value-sense. In this book, Mr. Kassa proposes reengineered value analysis/value engineering (VA/VE) as the way to deliver superior service at a minimum cost. By mastering the powerful re-engineered VA/VE proble...

5S Made Easy

For decades, 5S practitioners have struggled with exactly how to implement and sustain a 5S program in their workplaces. While there are many books available on the organization methods suggested by 5S, few provide easy-to-understand, step-by-step guidance on how to set up and sustain successful 5S implementations. 5S Made Easy fills this need. Written by an expert whose focus for the last decade has been nothing but 5S, the book sup...

The Impact of Fibre Connectivity on SMEs

Drawing on research conducted over the last 3 years in Cornwall, UK, this new book explores the impact of the EU/BT funded introduction of fibre broadband on rural SMEs. Including a qualitative methodology and in depth focus groups with over 200 companies, The Impact of Fibre Connectivity on SMEs provides a detailed, in depth, analysis to challenge conventionally held beliefs in the value of subsidy and policy pressure in the deploym...

The Little Data Book on Private Sector Development 2013

One of a series of pocket-sized books that provide a quick reference to development data on different topics, 'The Little Data Book on Private Sector Development 2013' provides data for more than 20 key indicators on the business environment and private sector development in a single page for each of the World Bank member countries and other economies with populations of more than 30,000. These more than 200 country pages are supplem...

Who Owns the World's Media?

Media ownership and concentration has major implications for politics, business, culture, regulation, and innovation. It is also a highly contentious subject of public debate in many countries around the world. In Italy, Silvio Berlusconi's companies have dominated Italian politics. Televisa has been accused of taking cash for positive coverage of politicians in Mexico. Even in tiny Iceland, the regulation of media concentration led ...

The Little Green Data Book 2013

The Little Green Data Book is a pocket-sized ready reference on key environmental data for over 200 countries. Key indicators are organized under the headings of agriculture, forestry, biodiversity, oceans, energy, emission and pollution, and water and sanitation. The 2013 edition of The Little Green Data Book introduces new set of ocean-related indicators, highlighting the role of oceans in economic development.

Kamishibai Boards

Part of the Toyota Production System, Kamishibai boards are simple and flexible visual controls for performing audits within a manufacturing process. When used properly, they are powerful tools for performing, managing, and auditing tasks of specific duties. Kamishibai Boards: A Lean Visual Management System That Supports Layered Audits explains how to use this visual management system to identify normal conditions versus abnormal co...

How Digital Communication Technology Shapes Markets

This Palgrave Pivot explores how communication technology such as the Internet has changed the nature of trade, focusing especially on economy-wide reductions in company size (granularity) and the role of retailers (disintermediation). By increasing access to comparative data, influencing conceptions of time, and reducing the number of intermediaries between creator and consumer, technological connectivity is changing the very defini...

SME Funding: The Role of Shadow Banking and Alternative Funding Options

This book explores current financing options for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), with particular insight into the European market. The authors position SME funding within a risk-averse lending environment with high regulatory costs on business loans, which has arisen from the recent financial crisis and new European bank capital regulations. Chapters in the book demonstrate how and why SMEs may be forced to leave the market...