Trompe L'oeil. Art Is Alive

8 acrylic painting projects for beginners to advanced. Full pattern sheet included with instructions & colour photos.

Nudi e Crudeli: I Mondo Movies Italiani

Contemporaneamente, in quegli stessi anni, dilagava anche il filone dei "mondo sexy" che offriva, attraverso una carrellata di spogliarelli e di esibizioni in locali notturni, la rappresentazione dell'immaginario erotico nel periodo. Si tratta di generi in cui si sono cimentati registi provenienti dai più diversi paesi e dove gli autori italiani si sono distinti per l'abilità davvero speciale. Questo libro si occupa di loro e delle l...

Berlioz on Music

The quintessential Romantic artist of his century, Hector Berlioz impressed Paganini and Liszt as "Beethoven's only heir" and dazzled the young Wagner as a composer, orchestra conductor, and critic. To Paris and all Europe, Berlioz was known as much for his writings as for his music, yet there has been no English-language anthology of his criticism available until now. Berlioz on Music plunges us into the Parisian music world during ...

The New Handbook of Research on Music Teaching and Learning

Featuring chapters by the world's foremost scholars in music education and cognition, this handbook is a convenient collection of current research on music teaching and learning. This comprehensive work includes sections on arts advocacy, music and medicine, teacher education, and studio instruction, among other subjects, making it an essential reference for music education programs. The original Handbook of Research on Music Teachin...

Understanding Digital Black and White Photography

Black and white photography can deliver images with levels of beauty and impact that are sometimes lost or diluted by the presence of color. This practical book is written for readers with a passion for monochrome photography, who wish to use digital photography to match and exceed the level of control and finish that was possible with film. With visual examples throughout, it systematically teaches skills that underpin photographic ...

The Artful Bride

Saavy, modern brides are seeking ways to personalize their wedding celebrations, and to make them unique, special, and unbelievably fun without relying on tradition-heavy standards. This beautiful guide contains everything a bride needs to put her own stamp on all of the special events surrounding her wedding, from pre-celebration parties to the rehearsal evening to the reception, with elegant -- but also simple and inexpensive touch...

Joseph Riepiel's Theory of Metric and Tonal Order

This book offers a clear and consistent English translation of Riepel's first two volumes, which contain a substantially complete presentation of the first and most influential comprehensive compositional and analytical theory that relates to the major homophonic instrumental forms of the eighteenth century, the symphony, concerto, and sonata. Used in conjunction with the glossary of translated terms, this translation offers new illu...

The Book of Broadway

Be absorbed by the profiles of 150 of the biggest, most influential, and most important Broadway musicals and plays ever produced. Shows profiled include everything from the 1860s musical The Black Crook, which captivated and titillated audiences for more than five hours, to the Pulitzer Prize–winning 2010 play Clybourne Park. The men and women who shaped Broadway history--Stephen Sondheim, Tennessee Williams, Bernadette Peters, Rich...

Brahms Among Friends

Brahms Among Friends identifies patterns of listening, performance, and composition among close friends of Johannes Brahms and explores how those patterns informed the creation and reception of his music in the intimate genres of song, sonata, trio, and piano miniature. Among the tangled threads of counterpoint and circumstance that bound Brahms to his acquaintances was the technique of allusive musical borrowing, whereby a brief pas...

Magister Jacobus de Ispania, Author of the Speculum musicae

The Speculum musicae of the early fourteenth century, with nearly half a million words, is by a long way the largest medieval treatise on music, and probably the most learned. Only the final two books are about music as commonly understood: the other five invite further work by students of scholastic philosophy, theology and mathematics. For nearly a century, its author has been known as Jacques de Liège or Jacobus Leodiensis. ’Jacob...